Residential Movers: 4 Expert Tips To Use When Moving Your Home Appliances

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Residential Movers: 4 Expert Tips To Use When Moving Your Home Appliances

10 January 2023
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After spending a long time and money buying quality home appliances, you certainly want to move with them to your new house. However, packing them in preparation for transport to your new home might be overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Therefore, you need residential movers to help you take care of your appliances. The following tips will ensure your appliances arrive in one piece during the move.

1. Disassemble If Necessary

Both small and big appliances can be disassembled depending on the manufacturer's design and instructions. Residential movers recommend removing loose or detachable components from the appliance to maximize the available space. They may pack the components in separate plastic bags, paper, or boxes. This safety measure prevents unnecessary movement during delivery that could cause significant damage. It is important to leave this step to the movers to avoid damaging your appliances. The movers will carefully follow the relevant instructions and determine which appliances need disassembling.

2. Wrap the Appliances

Movers often prefer to wrap appliances in packing paper and secure them tightly with tape to prevent doors and lids that can't be detached from opening in transit. Ensure the appliance is clean and dry before wrapping it to prevent mold growth. Professionals are careful not to apply the tape directly onto the appliance as it may become sticky, stain the surface, or remove the color coating.

3. Find Suitable Boxes

Do you still have the boxes that initially packed the appliances when you first bought them? Now would be a great time to find them. If you can't trace the boxes, your movers will help you purchase the perfect fit. Place every individual appliance into a suitable box. Residential movers provide packing services to clients to avoid heavy manual work that could strain your back or cause injuries. Ensure the boxes stand upright to protect them and use them in the future if necessary.

Consider filling up any gaps found between the electronic device and the box. Movers often provide bubble wrap and foam fillings. This should cushion your device from damage or impact.

4. Seal and Label

Most appliances are considered fragile. Your moving company will recommend labeling the boxes fragile with huge fonts and visible color shades. Ensure the devices are tightly sealed with packing tape to prevent them from falling out of the carton. The movers will haul the heavy appliances using carts and rollers to make work easier and more efficient.

Are you wondering how to get your fragile, expensive appliances to the new house? Consider hiring residential movers and applying these expert tips to transport them safely and quickly. For more information, contact residential movers near you.