During your middle and high school years, did you win a lot of trophies? Learn more about how storage units can help you keep them.

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Storing School Trophies

During elementary school, middle school, and high school, my sister and I were awarded many trophies. For years, my mom proudly displayed our trophies on the fireplace mantle in her home. Unfortunately, she ran out of room to place these awards before my sister graduated from high school. My mom can’t bear to part with our trophies. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have anywhere in her home to store them. Therefore, renting a storage unit is a wonderful solution. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of renting a storage unit to place your children’s school mementos in. Enjoy!

Storage Tips For Materials, Machinery, And Finished Goods From Your Pottery Studio

23 June 2017
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If you own a pottery studio and will soon be moving to a larger facility, the following tips will assist with safely storing materials, machinery, and finished goods prior to the move. As a result, items will remain damage-free and will be ready to be transported on the date they you have chosen to move.  Take Inventory And Label Materials Before Placing In Bins Sort materials by type and take inventory. Read More …

Hire A Moving Company

11 May 2017
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Moving can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but when you start having to pack everything up, it gets frustrating. You may not have realized just how much stuff you have until you start trying to move everything. Not only do you have a few things, you have a lot of heavy things. One of the most frustrating things about moving is having to load and unload everything into a trailer. Read More …