Moving In A Rush? Save Time And Stay On Schedule With These Helpful Tips

During your middle and high school years, did you win a lot of trophies? Learn more about how storage units can help you keep them.

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Moving In A Rush? Save Time And Stay On Schedule With These Helpful Tips

28 September 2020
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Ideally, you would learn that you would need to move out of a home many months before the final day to leave. But, many situations call for a more abrupt move with a shorter time frame to get packed and get on your way. Moving is always hard work, but moving in a rush can mean more potential to break things, lose stuff, and simply run out of time. Here are a few tips to remember when you've got very little time to move out of a place.

1. Enlist the help of a moving company. 

A moving company can definitely make the transport of your belongings easy, but they may also have other helpful solutions as well. For example, you may be able to hire the moving company to help you pack, rent a storage building for belongings that have nowhere to go, or even get help with arranging for a dumpster or container for donations if needed. 

2. Consider donating the items hard to pack and easy to replace. 

You can find a lot of things in the average home that can be easily replaced, but these things are especially hard to pack. A few examples include:

  • Glassware 
  • Coffee mugs 
  • Wall decor 
  • Shoes 
  • Groceries 

If you can easily replace something, it is worth calling up a friend to make a generous donation or simply dropping these items in a box for donation elsewhere. 

3. Make a one-trip packing supply run. 

Boxes, markers, packing tape, labels, bubble wrap—get your list of packing supplies together and try to get everything in one quick trip. If you start packing and realize repeatedly you have to stop and go get more supplies, you will use up valuable time in the process. A few tips to help you gather all the supplies you will need in one trip:

  • Pick up flat bundles of boxes; it will be easier to haul a huge load all at one time
  • Use a moving calculator to help you determine how many boxes you need 
  • You can grab boxes from some stores and old newspaper from a recycling center if you have to
  • Get more packing tape than you think you need, and spring for the dispenser because it will make things go faster 

4. Pack by room without getting distracted. 

It can seem more logical to pack in a whole-house fashion, but it will save you time to tackle one room at a time. Before you begin, fix a labeled box for every other room in the house and keep these handy as you pack up a single room. As you come across items that belong elsewhere, you can simply toss the misplaced item in the coordinating room box.