Storage Tips For Materials, Machinery, And Finished Goods From Your Pottery Studio

During your middle and high school years, did you win a lot of trophies? Learn more about how storage units can help you keep them.

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Storage Tips For Materials, Machinery, And Finished Goods From Your Pottery Studio

23 June 2017
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If you own a pottery studio and will soon be moving to a larger facility, the following tips will assist with safely storing materials, machinery, and finished goods prior to the move. As a result, items will remain damage-free and will be ready to be transported on the date they you have chosen to move. 

Take Inventory And Label Materials Before Placing In Bins

Sort materials by type and take inventory. Write a list of the materials and the amount that you have on hand. Items such as paint, tubes of glaze, paintbrushes, and embellishments are examples of materials that can be added to the inventory list. Purchase waterproof bins that have matching lids and built-in dividers. Before placing the materials in the divided sections, put the materials in clear bags that seal. The bags will add an extra layer of protection from moisture.

After all of the divided sections in each of the bins is filled with materials from your studio, secure a lid to the top of each bin. Keep the inventory list in a safe place so that you can refer to it if necessary prior to and after the move.  

Inspect And Repair Machinery Before Storing

Kilns, pottery wheels, or any other type of machinery that is used to create finished goods should be inspected and repaired prior to commercial relocation into the new facility. Hiring a licensed technician to service your equipment is a good idea if you are not able to inspect and repair items on your own. Once equipment is in tip-top shape, place the machines on a cart and secure a vinyl tarp or plastic sheeting over them. To prevent the cover from shifting, tie pieces of rope around the covered items or lay a bungee cord over the machinery and secure the ends of the cord to the cart.

When you are ready to move the machines to the new location, push the cart outdoors and up a ramp that is connected to the vehicle that will be transporting your items to the new facility.

Wrap Finished Goods And Store In Cushioned Containers

If you have several finished clay pieces that you normally display in your shop or that are available for purchase, wrap them in several layers of bubble wrap or foam cushioning. Use wide strips of packing tape to secure the edges of the wrap or cushioning. Add a layer of foam peanuts to the bottom of a durable container. Set the wrapped clay pieces on top of the foam peanuts. Use foam peanuts to fill any gaps that remain in the container. Secure a lid over the container and label the outside of the container with a list of the contents that are stored inside.