Pack A Moving Day Box To Keep Kids And Pets Comfy And Relaxed During A Long Move

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Pack A Moving Day Box To Keep Kids And Pets Comfy And Relaxed During A Long Move

18 July 2016
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Moving can be a hectic time, even if you have had adequate notice of the move. That means that forgetting or misplacing items on moving day is always a possibility. If you have children and pets, you will likely have a long list of items that need to be packed last as they cannot go a day without them. The best way to accomplish this is to make a list and pack a moving day box that contains items that will be used at both your current home before the move begins and at the new home before you've had time to unpack. Follow this handy checklist to make sure you have your bases covered.

Personal Supplies: This includes everything from toothpaste and tooth brushes to that special hairbrush little Suzy needs to do her hair. Include travel size soap, shampoo, deodorant and any other items any family member uses on a daily basis. Older children and teens can pack their own personal supplies in a small tote to include in the box. Tuck in towels and washcloths so you can hit the shower after the long move.

Medications: Medication includes OTC pain meds, allergy meds, and prescription medications. Pack enough prescription medications for a week. This will give you time to call your doctor and fill a new prescription in your new location if the rest of meds get lost or misplaced.

First Aid Kit: Pack a first aid kit for mishaps that may happen during moving. This should include bandages, antiseptics, skin ointments and burn and scrape creams. Add an anti-itch cream to treat insect bites or an accidental encounter with poison ivy or other irritant. Don't forget to add baby's teething gel and diaper rash cream.

Baby Supplies: Pack items your baby needs every day, like extra formula, jars or pouches of baby food, comfort toys, diapers, extra clothing and blankets. But that's not all you baby will need during a move. If your little one uses a pacifier, tuck an extra one in the box in case the original gets lost or misplaced. While your baby may find comfort in familiar toys, tuck in a few he has never seen before. During a fussy spell, you may be able to hold your little one's attention with a new toy or rattle.

Pet Supplies: Don't forget to pack supplies for your household pets. This includes food and toys, as well as leashes and collars.  If your pet suffers from anxiety, he may find the move unsettling. Include familiar toys, a favorite blanket or an old sweater for him to cuddle in. Your scent on the old sweater may work to keep him calm and help him relax.

Snacks and Drinks: Food and drinks are vital to everyone's comfort, but are especially important for children. The process of moving will likely upset his daily routine. Offering snacks and drinks at his regular time will help your little one stay on schedule.

Books and Toys: Children get restless during long drives and will find it more enjoyable if you include small toys and books to keep them occupied. Include both familiar favorites and new toys and books your children have not seen before. Familiar toys ease anxiety and bring comfort, while new toys ward off boredom.

Blankets and Pillows: Children get tired from riding, especially when traveling after dark. To encourage your little ones to sleep during the trip, pack their favorite blankets and pillows for use in the car. To help keep your children on schedule, offer the pillow and blanket at the regular nap or bedtime.

Label the moving day box clearly and transport it with you in your personal vehicle. If the movers get delayed for some unforeseen reason, you and your family will have everything you need to settle in for your first night or two in your new home. If you are still looking for a moving company, consider one like Absolute Moving & Storage Inc.