Tips For Packing Makeup For A Move

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Tips For Packing Makeup For A Move

23 May 2016
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Moving can be damaging to your makeup. Your powders can crack, your glass nail polish bottles can break and your lipstick can melt. Learning how to properly pack your makeup for a move will help to keep it as safe as possible. Here are some tips that will help you prepare your makeup for your move.

Discard Old Makeup

As you prepare to move, you should declutter, and your makeup is no different. It is not uncommon to find old makeup sitting in anyone's makeup train or drawer, simply because they don't know when makeup is no longer considered good. Mascara and liquid eyeliners should be disposed of after three months. Lipstick and lipstick liner lasts about a year. Cream-based eye shadow, blush, compact foundation and concealers should be thrown away after 18 months. And powdered makeup, lip gloss and pencil eyeliners should be ditched after two years. If your makeup is older than recommended, or you don't use it any longer, discard it before you move.

Use Cotton Balls or Cotton Pads on Your Pressed Powders

Pressed face powders, blushes and eye shadow can crack or break while being moved. Unfortunately, this can create a mess and damage your pressed powder. Fortunately, a cotton ball or cotton pad cut down to size and placed over the powder can help protect the makeup from damage.

Bubble Wrap is Your Friend

When packing up your makeup, wrap any items in a glass bottle, such as foundation or nail polish, in bubble wrap. This helps prevent the glass items from bouncing around and breaking. Bubble wrap can also be wrapped around your expensive pressed powders, such as eye shadow cases and pressed face powders. One layer of bubble wrap sealed into place with a piece of tape provides a bit of extra cushioning on these items so they don't become damaged while being moved to a new home.

Pack in Small Boxes

After placing cotton balls and/or bubble wrap around your breakable cosmetics, you will need to transport them in a box. When you pack makeup, smaller boxes are better. Shoe boxes are perfect as they are not too large. Place your makeup in the shoe box and then fill in any gaps with packing peanuts, wadded up newspaper or extra bubble wrap. This helps prevent the items in the box from bouncing around, which further helps to keep them safe during transport.

Use Ice Packs to Keep Your Lipstick Cool

If you are moving in the summer months, your lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, and cream blushes can melt. There is no way to easily reshape melted makeup, so it should be discarded. However, there are a few tips for keeping your makeup cool during a move. When you are moving, purchase an ice pack that you would use in a lunch box and place it in a makeup bag or lunch box. Then, place your makeup items that need to be remain cool in the makeup bag or lunch box. There are also makeup bags that are designed to go in the freezer and will remain cold throughout the day. This can also help you ensure your cosmetics don't melt during transport.

Makeup can be expensive. As such, you want to take care to ensure your makeup does not become damaged during a move. Learning how to pack your makeup will help ensure it arrives in the same condition it left your home in. If you feel you won't have the time to properly pack before a move, a moving and storage service like Bekins Van Lines Inc can assist you. They can pack all of your belongings, including your cosmetics.